Tim Corcoran visits the School of SHSF to talk about the economic History of Bennington

The students at Sacred Heart were also fortunate to have Mr. Corcoran visit and share his wealth of knowledge of the history of Bennington, one of the last public appearances.  He came in and talked about the past of Bennington, Old Bennington, and downtown Bennington. Old Bennington was the first settlement of the three. It dated back to 1761! Around the 1800s, downtown Bennington started to develop. His presentation also helped us because we got to ask him questions about the past and present businesses. Some questions included how successful the past businesses were, market competition, and local resources. We got to see a copy of how the town was first originally chartered and a little history about the different people who had the land. Mr.Corcoran also talked to us about how people would farm, use lumber, water and other natural resources for businesses. He also mentioned the use of water mills to produce energy. Many factories/manufacturers have either sold to different companies or gone out of business in Bennington. New business and industries have moved into Bennington.  With technological changes, businesses need to adapt.  One example is the composites industry.  We want to thank Mr.Corcoran for teaching us about the history of Bennington.

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