Sterling Gun Drills, Inc.

PO Box 806, 940 Water Street, North Bennington, VT 05257
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“We make cool stuff”

Sterling Gun Drills, Inc. at 940 Water Street in North Bennington is an industry leader and technical developer of traditional and non-traditional deep and precision hole drilling. We manufacture precision deep hole drills, more commonly called gun drills. Sixteen are employed here earning competitive wages and excellent benefits. Sterling celebrated 20 years in business at this location last October, before that, another ten years as Sterling Tool Group, a division of Bijur Lubricating Corp. formerly of Bennington.

Four styles of solid carbide and carbide tipped coolant feed drills are made at this facility in diameters from .0450″ to 1 5/8″. Over 600 standard drill sizes are stocked in overall lengths from 10” to 48” some even longer. Custom manufactured, technically correct drills make up at least 60% of our business. Practically any decimal or metric diameter, length, or special featured gun drill is manufactured on a four week standard or one week rush option.

Gun drills are used for heating or cooling holes in injection molds, automotive applications, medical devices, aerospace, hydraulics, and many more including the firearms industry.
Sterling Gun Drills has also become well known in non-metal drilling circles for production of pool cues, bag pipes, flutes, plastics, acrylics, and a myriad other products in need of deep and/or precision holes.

Our drilling “System” includes Spraymist Kits, Stationary and Rotary Toolholders, Lubricant, and Re-sharpening equipment; kind of one-stop shopping for deep hole drilling! Supported by unsurpassed technical engineering, our customers receive quality precision deep hole drills, drilling Systems, accessories, and we can re-sharpen and re-tip gun drills of any manufacture with a very short turnaround.

Our drills and System allow individuals and/or manufacturers to efficiently add gundrilling capability to manual and CNC machine tools as well as traditional gun drill machines. We specialize in application engineering and educating customers not familiar with the gun drilling process how to take advantage of gundrilling on in-house equipment. Our drilling System is a practical and low cost solution to what is commonly a bottleneck in the manufacturing process. Our products “open doors” by allowing manufacturers to take on work previously not quoted or farmed out. In doing so, keep jobs within their schedule rather than the schedule of outside contract gun drilling services.

Sterling Gun Drills products and services are presented through advertising and a comprehensive website to a worldwide market.
Doug Holley
VP/ Gen. Manager

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