President’s Report 2017

The following remarks were delivered by BCIC President Dixie Zens at BCIC’s Annual Meeting on November 15, 2017.

As President of the Bennington County Industrial Corporation, I am pleased to share with you the good news about BCIC’s activities heading into 2018. As many of you know, the past 18 months have been something of a transitional time for BCIC, and the organization¬†has taken the lead in optimizing¬†efforts by eliminating redundancy, and creating a welcomed synergy with the planning arm of Bennington County. Working with local and state officials, BCIC and the Bennington County Regional Commission created a plan to consolidate and share efforts for economic development and planning in early 2016. Although the two organizations remain independent, each with its own state contract and independent boards, utilizing BCRC to provide staffing services for all BCIC activities has accomplished our goal of better communications, removing redundancies, reducing costs and housing economic development and planning under the same roof. This arrangement has allowed us to reenergize our members, re-engage with our mission, an reconnect with our business community.

Bill Colvin and Jonathan Cooper have been doing an excellent job, complying with all our State contractual obligations, as well as promoting economic growth, and working hard on a number of the projects addressing workforce development, regional economic development capacity building and improving the entrepreneurial environment in our area. We look forward to continuing this work in our region, and to working with our economic development colleagues in Windham County on the creation of a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for Southern Vermont.

Richard “Dixie” Zens
Abacus Automation
BCIC President

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