What and who is BCIC?
Bennington County Industrial Corporation (BCIC) is a non-profit economic development corporation. It is overseen by a board of business people and professionals from throughout Bennington County, Vermont. Its office is in Downtown Bennington.

What is BCIC’s mission?
BCIC’s mission is to promote quality jobs in Bennington County. It provides services and information to businesses, runs an industrial incubator, does development projects, and advocates policies that support its mission.

What is BCIC’s vision for Bennington County?
BCIC vision is of a Bennington County that is both beautiful and prosperous, with a stable and diverse economy, a good infrastructure, ready access to regional transportation lanes, reasonable taxes and regulation, and a world class workforce and education system.

What kind of economic development does BCIC support?
BCIC supports any economic development that promotes high quality jobs and good clean sustainable businesses. This includes, but is not limited to, manufacturing and information-based business. “High quality jobs” means jobs that not only pay well, but have good benefits and tend to be lasting.

What does BCIC’s industrial park offer?
BCIC’s industrial park on Shields Drive in Bennington offers over 38 acres of fully serviced s industrial zoned property. (A large office complex or headquarters campus is very doable there.) The park has beautiful views of the Bennington Monument and Mount Anthony . Fiber optic, copper, and TV cable are installed on site. The park has approved State Act 250 umbrella permit.

Is BCIC the “address” in Bennington County for new business leads?
Yes. Keeping, promoting, and pursuing, jobs is the number one duty of BCIC’s full-time executive director. Dozens of prospects are typically being courted at any one time. All inquiries get prompt response. BCIC works with concerned town and STate officials to present the most attractive possible incentives to locate, stay or expand in this community. Business retention and expansion is the top priority. BCIC welcomes and cooperates with the economic development efforts of others.

How can BCIC help a firm needing land, a building, or rental space?
BCIC maintains an inventory of available land sites, buildings, and rental spaces in the county. We help inquiring businesses match their needs to available properties. We also facilitate financing and permits to construct building of all sizes.