Kaman Composites hosts The School of SHSF

Mr. Brad Andrews from Kaman Composites was also huge help to SHS and the Southshire Challenge.  He taught us more about the manufacturing and work they do and gave us a tour of the factory. We learned that composites are the material of the future because they are light and sturdy. We also learned that they are used for medical equipment and aerospace. One big thing they manufacture are cat-scans. They taught us about how they cannot paint the cat-scan because it could detect the paint during the scan. Also they covered lots of things we learned in our science class. Right now we are studying chemistry.  Mr. Andrews talked about how particles move faster when they are warm and slower when they are cold. They had huge freezers and huge ovens to make glue and paint dry faster.  We also learned that even though a lot of kids think that computers will do the entire math for you, you still need to know math behind the workings of the computer.  One student commented, “What I found really interesting is that there is not alot pollution in the facility.  My favorite thing was the machine that you order supplies from.” Our class was also lucky enough to visit a manufacturing company, Kaman Composites. Many of the details and information that we were taught at Kaman applied to what we were learning on a daily basis at our school.
We learned that you can’t touch the products because the oils on your hands could damage the product. We noticed that there were a lot of computers. They use them for math, ordering tools, and diagramming products. Kaman is very organized and keeps the work areas very clean. They order the tools they need so that they’ll come at the time they will need them. This saves money and space to store things such as products and other tools. Kaman Composites cares very much about quality of their products, if there is anything wrong with it they will find the problem and fix it. We were very thankful to Mr. Andrews for giving us the tour.

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