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In the modern economy, small and medium businesses need to do everything in their power to maintain an advantage in their industry. Pressure from local, national, and global competition is forcing businesses to be first to market and constantly improve upon their new products. Government pressure to improve fuel economy in consumer and commercial vehicles has kicked off a flurry of research into composite materials and other lightweight structures to meet efficiency targets. Customers expect more polished products with extra features, and have higher expectations for when a new product enters a market. All of these factors become even more challenging to manage when dealing with a composite part such as a carbon fiber spoiler on a sports car or a violin made from carbon fiber.
Understanding the complex nature of composite part design, the materials that go into the parts, and how they are manufactured are all key elements when developing a new product. A seamless transition between design, prototype, and production is essential for success. Hale Mountain Research works with other businesses to lay the groundwork for exceptional product design and can help manage and transition the new product through all phases of it’s life cycle.
Traditional composite manufacturing knowledge combined with advanced computer aided design practices speed up part design and improve the accuracy of cost estimation. Short run tooling and prototypes fabricated with 3D printing and traditional mold making practices allow faster turnaround times on prototype parts. An extensive network of industry leading technical partners will ensure production tooling and equipment is installed on time and on budget. Finally, a combination of robust process documentation, analysis, training plans, and inspection guidelines will ensure the continued success and improvement of a new product line year after year.
Hale Mountain Research is single source for design, prototyping, and manufacturing support of composite parts and assemblies. Decisions and plans are made based on careful analysis of data and extensive manufacturing and research experience. Before founding Hale, James Salerno spent 6 years in the engineering department at Plasan Carbon Composites as a design analyst then a computer aided engineering researcher. In addition to advanced research, Salerno was part of the design teams for the C7 Corvette and Dodge Viper programs. Since Hale Mountain Research’s founding in 2014, The core competencies and supplier network of the company have expanded and are able to react to virtually any customer requirement at all stages of a product’s life.
Hale Mountain Research has customers in automotive, aerospace, defense, and consumer goods industries. Some of our projects have included technical and design support of quoting efforts and designing complex products from scratch to a customer’s specification. We’ve given our customers solutions that range from finished prototypes to detailed process analysis and improvement plans in products that have been made for years. Recently, we’ve even been retained as technical consultants for an automotive magazine. At Hale Mountain Research, we make cool stuff. We also help your business develop the tools it needs to make cool stuff of it’s own.

James Salerno, Founder

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